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In 2011, Ricardo was introduced to Ambit Energy when looking for a new job after being unemployed. “This is an amazing company! Saving people money and seeing people become financially free, at the one of the places rated one of THE Best Places to Work, was a fantastic feeling! Loved the company as soon as I joined!” says Ricardo.

Ricardo quickly realized that Ambit Energy was the company he wanted to be part for a very long time. “I loved going into the office, interact with so many amazing people and be under the great leadership of Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless. As soon as I saw how our Consultants were gaining financial freedom, I wanted to understand the compensation plan in and out and eventually become a consultant myself. After almost 8 years with the company, I left the company to become a consultant and haven’t looked back since! What this company does is incredible and life changing! As long as you’re willing to put in the work, this company is very rewarding!”

Ricardo believes in helping as many people as possible. “I’ve always had a passion from helping others, I picked that up from my parents very early on in life. It’s something that I will never stop doing. I know how much a bit of extra income can help people, and I know how life changing this company is! My goal is to help as many people as possible reach their financial goals!”

This year Ambit Energy will payout roughly $100 million in commissions to people across the world and Ricardo will share how anyone can take advantage of the Ambit momentum spreading across our country and around the globe.

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Fast Track RC, SC & EC Promoter

Spearheading the International Expansion of a Billion Dollar Company

     - Japan

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