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Jumpstart Training

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Congratulations on joining a winning team! Success blazes a trail. Follow the path of leaders that have gone before you and you will vastly improve your odds of accomplishing your goals. Below you will find helpful links and the Ambit A-Team Success Workbook.

Here are a few helpful ways to ensure a successful start with Ambit:

  1. Ambit Power Zone: https://powerzone3.ambitenergy.com

    1. Go here to do the United States Certification​ (must be done prior to transferring customers or signing up consultants)

  2. Ambit A-Team Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ambitateam/

  3. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/ambitateam

  4. Ambitious 50 Podcast http://www.ambitiousradio.com/ambit-energy-s-ambitious-50.html

  5. Team Calls https://www.ateamrecruits.com/team-calls

  6. Subscribe to text alerts by texting the word Ambit to 69922.