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Jumpstart Training

Congratulations on joining a winning team! Success blazes a trail. Follow the path of leaders that have gone before you and you will vastly improve your odds of accomplishing your goals. Below you will find helpful links and the Ambit A-Team Success Workbook.

Here are a few helpful ways to ensure a successful start with Ambit:

  1. Ambit Power Zone: https://powerzone3.ambitenergy.com

    1. Go here to do the United States Certification​ (must be done prior to transferring customers or signing up consultants)

  2. Ambit A-Team Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ambitateam/

  3. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/ambitateam

  4. Ambitious 50 Podcast http://www.ambitiousradio.com/ambit-energy-s-ambitious-50.html

  5. Team Calls https://www.ateamrecruits.com/team-calls

  6. Subscribe to text alerts by texting the word Ambit to 69922.


DISCLAIMER: We make no guarantee or promise of income or business. Results are determined by the efforts of those and by market trends. Earnings represented or implied in marketing materials and communications may not be typical and cannot be relied on to represent one’s personal results either for current or future earnings. Income, if any, earned from the Compensation Plan requires diligence and hard work in several areas including, but not limited to, leadership, recruiting, self-development and dedication. Each Independent Consultant’s results will depend up on their own skills, abilities and personal efforts in exercising these qualities. We urge you to study and fully understand the compensation plan before enrolling. Full Income Disclosure here.